Tuesday, March 30, 2010

LOVE the sunshine!!!

The weather has been just PERFECT lately. I could stand it about 10 degrees warmer though. I am ready for the summer. I have been trying to sit outside during naptime to get a little sun....I am like a ghost! Carter even has more color than me! ha! I need one of those proffesional spray tans...yeah right! I am not standing in front of anyone and letting them spray me. :)

Carter loves the dishwasher! As soon as he sees me open it he's on his way.

Now doesn't he look just pitiful? We had a birthday party earlier that day and my sister was visiting. I think Carter was pooped! I just love this picture though!

Seriously....he is almost ALWAYS smiling!

I love this bathtime picture of him. We did a funky mohawk =) Actually, this was before his haircut. I think. I can't seem to keep track of anything anymore.

We planted some flowers a while back. Just in hanging baskets...I can't keep a flowerbed alive. We planted petunias, impatians, and some hawaiian mix. So far so good! Carter had fun picking all the flowers off. I'm sure he ate a few...but he's a boy so I'm sure he'll eat worse things than that at some point and time! lol!!

Things I am grateful for...
~70 degree weather
~a healthy baby boy
~plug covers

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