Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bluebonnets are here!

On Saturday went to my parents in Jewett for the day. My dad bar-b-qued and we sat around and laughed-mostly at Carter. He is so silly. He makes the cutest faces and noises. Ty and Chris(my sister's fiance) went fishing and caught a bunch! We brought home 3 bags of bass. Good thing Chris and Ashley don't eat fish.
There is always a HUGE field of bluebonnets down the road from my parents house. My mom, sister and I decided to take Carter and get a few pics while the guys were fishing....we actually took a TON! He was too precious and SO curious! It was really sunny and really hot but we made some good memories!
Hope your Easter was GREAT!!

My mom took this one of me, my sis, Carter and my dad. We couldn't stop giggling! My dad was like "Come on girls!" He is not a picture taker at all.

Carter and Gran

I love this one. We kept making him clap in hopes he would look at the camera. It really wasn't working.

As you can see, the sun was in his eyes. He was such a trooper though.

I found this dishpan thing on my mom's porch and thought it would be cute in the pictures. I think it turned out cute!!

He is the sweetest thing!!!

As soon as we sat Carter down in the flowers he started picking at them. He was very curious. I wonder what he was thinking? :)


Things I am grateful for:
-wildfowers and bluebonnets
-living in Texas
-laughing with my sister until it hurts
-sweet sweet Carter Jay :)


Kahla said...

He is so cute and those flowers are beautiful!!!

Kristina said...

What cute pictures!! I love the bluebonnets pictures. We don't really have any up here except on the side of the highway.