Monday, March 1, 2010

Carter's 1st Haircut!!!

Carter was giving his daddy a very serious look. Wonder what he was thinking??

He did so good! He sat in the chair by himself and didn't cry one bit. I didn't expect him to cry because he hardly ever does- but I thought he would at least be fussy. He was such a big boy!

Carter was so cute while she was cutting his hair. He kept trying to look behind himself to see her. Once he found the mirror he just stared at her.

The lady who cut his hair gave us the sweetest 1st haircut certificate for his baby book. It almost made me cry!

Carter Jay is growing up!! He will be ten months before we know it. I have finally figured out what we are going to do for his birthday....a MONKEY theme! I cannot wait to have his party!! Being a mommy is so much fun :~)

A teacher friend of mine, Kahla, always post things she is grateful for at the end of her posts....So I am going to do the teacher like thing and copy her! LOL....
Check her blog out at

~Things I am grateful for...
~Baby magic
~teething rings
~warm sheets
~Almost 10 months of sweet Carter Jay :) :)

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