Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Madame Tussauds

This is the first place we went because it was easy to find and by our hotel. It was great! The people really looked real......I mean really real! Does that even make sense?! Anyway, we took pictures of just about everyone but I only posted my favorites and the ones that looked super real. Ty playing basketball.
And golf. He is really getting into this as you can tell!!!
This was at the entrance. I love Cameron Diaz.
She looked so real ....it was kind of weird.

Okay, this picture of me is horrible but I had to show you TIM MCGRAW! He looks so real huh?

After a while you weren't sure what was real and what wasn't. I kept bumping into real people because the statues were everywhere.
At one point in the museum we turned a corner and saw this preacher guy....I don't know who he was supposed to be.....but I thought he was real!! First, I asked Ty "Is he real?" He didn't really respond so then I looked the WAX statue right in the face and said "Are you real?" Ty died laughing.

I forgot.....

I was going to at least tell you about the wedding- even though I don't have pictures to post.

Well.....in one word it was PERFECT!
Ty was SUPER nervous and teary eyed the whole time- he was shaking. I was just shocked that we were finally to that point.....about to say "I DO!" But the preacher got through everything and so did we and then came the kiss.......and let me tell you- Ty laid it on- big time! I almost fell over!!! I loved it.
It was the happiest day and I am so blessed. Ty is a wonderful person and love him so much. I am so happy he is my husband!

**If you look at the pics in order they kinda tell the story. My favorites are the ones in the chapel at night.

We're Back!!!

No, No....we didn't just get back! We have been home since Friday, the 8th. However, I went to work that next Monday and since then have been crazy busy with work and being a newlywed! So........No wedding pics yet but they are online at www.timjharrisphotography.com if you would like to see. It will probably take another year before I post pics of the wedding......since it's taken forever just to do the honeymoon :0) It will take a while to post everything (maybe a few days) from Vegas. There was just so much to see and want to share them all! So stay tuned....
About to board the big ol' plane!! I was super excited since I've never flown before. And it wasn't bad at all- well.....it was a little clustered and I have some space issues but other than that it was great!
Us..........somewhere in Vegas. I love him!
This was my sister's luggage and Ty was such a good sport about carrying the girly zebra print! Amanda needs to get this set- I think it was made for her :o)