Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sleep and springtime!

Well Ty and I have been dreaming for months what it would be like to sleep past 5 am. Carter has been waking up between 5-6 am every morning for a bottle. Sometimes he goes back to sleep and sometimes he doesn't. It happened like magic...all of a sudden...As soon as Carter hit 10 months he started sleeping until at least 7. Crazy huh? I don't know why or what triggered it but let me just say....IT'S AMAZING! Waking up in the morning before he does is so nice. I get my coffee and then wait for him to wake up. :) I love it! Our little man is growing up....

We bought this little wagon about a week ago and we LOVE it! Especially Carter! We go for rides everyday. If he's fussy I stick him in it and we go for a ride. It seems to do the trick! :o) If you have a little one-I would definitely suggest buying one. Ours is Step2 brand. I even put it together all by myself! YAY! Oh and the corn was for the squirrels...LOL!

The weather has been perfect lately! Carter and I have been taking advantage of it and spending a lot of time outside.

This is the box Carter's new wagon came in. He was so curious about what was inside of it. I put the ball in it and he crawled through. :)


So does his Aunt Ashy!

**Things I am grateful for....
~Rainy days...I couldn't clean if it were nice everyday!
~Sleeping past 5 am!! WOOHOO!
~My sweet boy :)
~Our little red wagon


Kristina said...

Yay for springtime!!

Kahla said...

He is so cute!!! Totally jealous of the sleep! :o)

Reed Family said...

Springtime is so much fun!!!

He's precious!