Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Curious Carter

Carter and I spent a lot of time on the front porch during the nice weather the past couple of weeks. It was perfect!! Carter seemed to be fascinated by the piece of grass. I love watching him look at and examine new things. I could tell he was really thinking about it. And of course, it had to go in his mouth at one point! While I was snapping pictures of him I caught a cute one of him with his head turned sideways. He was so curious about my phone. The black and white with splash of red is one of my faves! I am now in love with photoshop! You can do all sorts of things with your pics.

Shortly after these pics Carter caught a nasty stomach virus. Then I caught it. It was TERRIBLE. He is finally getting over it and getting an appetite again. I am finally finished with all the laundry that a stomach bug brings :( Yuck!

Hope you all are staying healthy!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

The sweetest thing!!

Carter just turned eight months old!!! Wow! I love watching him grow. Everyday he learns something new. His most recent accomplishment was the best so far.....While he was playing and I was eating supper he said "Momma"!!! It was the sweetest thing ever! It just melted my heart. I even caught him saying it on the video camera a few minutes later. Ty was working late so I'm glad I caught it and could show it to him. Ty thought it was adorable too!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random pics

Just a few random pics.....

I don't remember what was so funny but Carter was laughing at something :o) For Christmas we got him a new duck bathtub. For some reason this kid LOVES ducks! He loves the sound they make! If you squeeze the ducks beak it will quack! How cute!! Carter loves it! It's just the perfect size for him too! I think if he could talk in this picture he would be saying "Can I have a little privacy please?"
He isn't crawling yet-just rolling and scooting. But that's okay with me...:o) It's much easier to keep a handle on him when he is not so mobile. I love Carter's little collared shirt...he looks like a little man. He is just growing and growing!

Monday, January 11, 2010


Well my computer is still acting silly when I post pics-so forgive me if this is messy.....I can't see what order the pics are in until I view the post. Inside the post is just jibberish.....anyhoo.........

The first one-I think- is Addie(my neice) pushing Carter around in his new walker at my in-laws. It was so cute! She would crash into something and they would both giggle :o) One of the toys we got Carter was this music thing with a mirror that he can sit and play with. He LOVES it! I even love it! The buttons are all easy enough for him to push and he gets to look in mirror at himself. All the songs are great too!

Carter loved the ribbons on the presents. He didn't care too much about the paper but he loved the ribbons and bows. I just love that kid!

New camo jammies from Old Navy. I love them! They are like big boy jammies-2 pieces instead of all the buttons.
Our Christmas was wonderful! Carter got lots of goodies, I got a new Keurig coffee maker(love it!) and Ty got a new bow for hunting. Carter is finally old enough to kinda play with his cousin Addie. She was so sweet to him. She would give him kisses and pat his back. She kept pointing and saying "baby"- it was too cute. She is going to have a little brother in June and she'll make a great big sister! I can't wait until all the kiddos are big enough to play together!

Hope your Christmas was wonderful as well!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

This is a video of Carter laughing after dinner a few nights ago. I LOVE when he laughs!! And it doesn't take much.....all I was doing was spinning around in circles and he was cracking up. He is the happiest baby. I just love him to pieces!! I am so lucky to have such a happy baby boy. Carter smiles at just about anyone who looks his way, especially girls :o) I can't believe in just a few short days he will be 8 months old! WOW! Only 4 more and I will have a ONE YEAR OLD!!

Mommyhood is great! :o)

I hope everyone is happy and healthy.................