Saturday, July 5, 2008


Nope- It's all stuff for my classroom. I've been collecting other people's junk for a while now and lets just say....I'm outta room! This is one of our guest bedrooms and as you can see-it's FULL! If you haven't heard..................I GOT A JOB! As a kindergarten teacher in Willis at Cannan Elementary :o) I am super excited and relieved as well. There for a while I started to get worried that I'd never find a job. But God answered my MANY prayers and now here I am......waiting to move all this stuff out of my house and put it to use!
Oh yeah....If you gave me some of your "junk"....ThAnKs! I'm sure I'll use it come August!


Lacy said...

Ok now I see where you got your job!!! Hooray!!! You will love Willis! I cant wait to see you at your shower!!!

Erica said...

Oh girl I feel you there!

Chris and Michelle said...

Hey!!! I'm sooooo glad you finally have joined the Blog World! Now I can keep up with you! That's great about your job! I know you've got to be relieved and excited to have kindergarten!!!