Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Going to the chapel.....

This is the little chapel that I just fell in love with. I can't believe we will soon be husband and wife (only 3 weeks!) It's been such a long journey. We have been dating since I was 17 and I'm 24 now......7 years! I can't believe that I'm writing it - it really seems like forever. We were so young then! I know, I know...those of you reading this are probably saying "You are still young! " And ya, we are. But back then was a whole different kind of young! Anyway..............I can't wait to open this new chapter in our lives :o)
Here is the chapel at night. And it's filled with candles....there is no electricity out the chapel I mean. This is the photographer who is doing our pictures. I found this on his website a while back. I think it is just beautiful!
Question: See the wreath thing that's above the chapel? I really don't like it, but I don't know what else we'd use up there. The picture at the top doesn't have anything. Does that look too plain?
Also, see the pillars on the sides. ...with the arrangements? What if that wasn't there either? I don't want it to look like we didn't decorate, but at the same time I love how simple it is without any thing.
I would love your suggestions!


Chris and Michelle said...

WOW! That is such a neat place! Your wedding is going to be absolutely beautiful there!!! I know you can't wait! I don't think it would be too plain without the wreath or I'm not an interior designer!!! That is such a pretty chapel that it doesn't need anything added to it.
Yes, I will be delivering Huntsville. I'm hoping to be able to come to your long as little Chloe cooperates and everything stays okay with my blood pressure!

Tracy Padon said...

Hey, Jennifer! My brother in law got married at that chapel two years ago and they had a beautiful arrangement made in the shape of a heart using their colors and was so pretty! That is an awesome place for a wedding. I can send you some pics if you want to see what they did! Good luck with your new job - you will be awesome! And congrats on the wedding!

Hillary said...

This is beautiful! It has been so long since I have been out there. I forgot how pretty it is.

Lacy said...

Why not a simple brown and white and maybe a touch of pink berry swag on top to make it rustic and outdoorsy?? Or what about a simple rustic tin sap bucket with sprigy twigs and berries from top on the pillar to the side. Or what about just a big swag of white tulle across the top. Nothing would be great too. Just like everyone else is beautiful like it is. I have a few of the items if you want to borrow.