Saturday, May 29, 2010

My monkey and sewing!

My silly monkey! This is the face he makes when he is trying to get something that I wont let him have. lol!
He used to smile at EVERYONE when we went to the store, mall, etc. Now if someone looks at him and says "Oh how cute" Carter makes this face. It makes me laugh every time!!

I made this Camo/minky dot lovey. Some people call them taggies. This was my third one to make. Not as hard as it looks, just time consuming. Carter has one that I bought at fair on the square--probably paid wayyyy too much--but he LOVES it! He snuggles it every night. :)

I love these prints for girls! I just bought black/white damask print to go along with this set. Super cute!!

Prints for boys are hard to find. Almost everything has a little pink on it somewhere. These cowboy print burp cloths should work for any lil' cowpoke!

I like these prints a lot too. The argyle(probably didn't spell that right-but I'm in a hurry)print is cute for a boy. Ty says it's kinda girly....but what does he know. lol!

I think these make great baby shower gifts. If you are going to have spit up all over you, you may as well do in style! Let me know if you would like me to make you a set.
My prices are as follows:
1 for &7
2 for $12
3 for $15
4 for $18

I've seen these around town in little boutiques that go for $15-25 for a set of TWO! That's way too high if you ask me. :)


The Autocrat: Haley said...

You have never been to Joanns!! OMG! You must go!! They always have sales and coupons online, sign up for their mailer when you are there! Yes, I do use stablizer for the bibs. You can buy iron on stabilizer or non iron on. Usually the ladies at Joanns are pretty crafty so they can help you too!

Kahla said...

Did you just use Gerber cloth diapers? That's what I've been using, but sometimes they are made so uneven it's hard to get it to look right (I'm way too much of a perfectionist)!