Monday, May 11, 2009

Major decision

The doctor came by and said that he really wants to induce on Wednesday. Carter will be six weeks early, so there are risks. The major one being that his lungs are not fully developed.

Worst case scenario: He'll need to be on a ventilator for 2-3 weeks at Texas Childrens in Houston. Best case: He will just need a little help breathing and can stay here at St. Lukes in the NICU.
The dr said we could wait another week to give him that time to further develop his lungs. However, that too is risky. Dr. Peet said that if we wait one day too long and I get an infection-from the ruptured uterus-that the baby will be premature and be born with an infection. He said in that case-he would rather eliminate that risk and just deliver early. A preemie would be better than a preemie that is already sick...make sense? However, he said it was completely up to us.

He sent in the neonatologist to talk to us about the risks of having a preemie....scary stuff. But of course she had to tell us the WORST case situations. There is always the possibility Carter will be tiny but breathing perfectly fine. I am a total wreck. I am trying to stay sane for the babys sake but GEEZE! I have already said like a thousand prayers- please say one for us too. I know God will take care of the baby and everything will be fine.

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Chris, Michelle and Chloe said...

Seriously let me know if there is any way I can help. Anything. I mean it. I pray that God will lead you and your decision and that Carter will be one strong little boy. Hang in there.