Monday, May 11, 2009

Day Number 8

Well this is day number 8 in the hospital. I rested last weekend and went in for another ultrasound on Monday the 4th and my fluid level was still the same. My dr decided to admit me to get some antibiotics to prevent infection because of the leak and also give me steriod shots to develop the baby's lungs.--incase I deliver early. I was thinking I'd be here for a few days.....but he has decided to keep me here. The good news is my fluid has went from a 6 to a 9.8 and the baby looks great.
When I saw the dr friday he said he wanted to induce this week sometime because he's worried that I will get an infection. He said it's more risky to deliver in an emergency because of an infection than to deliver 6 weeks early. I am waiting on pins and needles this morning for him to come in and let me know what he's thinking. Either looks like we'll be having a baby this week!!!!!

I'll post something after I see him.

I am so bored- you really have no idea. I finally got to leave my room yesterday for a quick ride in a wheel chair and I was so excited! Ty has been here the whole time-he's so great. I know he is more bored than I am but he is not leaving. He went home one night because my sister came and stayed and he called me a million times. I have such a great husband-and I know he will make a great dad :o)

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