Thursday, April 9, 2009

A little sewing...

I decided to try and make some cutesie burp clothes for Carter...they are fairly expensive in all the stores that I've seen. They were pretty cheap to make. These were from fabric I bought at wal mart. They don't really have a lot to choose from..but I love the cowboy print. It's flannel so it's a little softer.
I am so NOT the sewing type-I almost threw my machine out the window and this was easy stuff. Guess I won't be sewing anything with a pattern anytime soon!!

I made these for my sister's best friend. The dr. is inducing her on the 14th(which happens to be my sisters birthday!) The girly fabrics are so much cuter.
And last....this is some fabric I bought at Hobby Lobby. I was kind of dissapointed- I couldn't really find much for boys. The paisley is kind of girly so we'll have to see if that passes daddy's inspection :0) Ty seems to think I am buying "too girly" of stuff for Carter. I don't really think so...


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