Thursday, September 18, 2008

What a week!

Hurricane Ike has caused some major damage. Some of that damage caused our power to go out like everyone else in Huntsville. We woke up at 6 am Saturday with no power and haven't had any since. Ty has a generator in his work truck that we used for our ice box...(it looks funny to type that but that's what I've always called it!) so our food wouldn't spoil. However, he had to go to work Wednesday. So I packed up our freezer goods and came to Jewett. I have been hanging out with my sister for the past couple of days.

I didn't realize how much we depend on ELECTRICITY. No hot water for showers, no television, no lights at night, no microwave, no computer, no anything pretty much. School is closed this week and they are supposed to make a decision on Saturday about next week. I don't think I can go to work with no power and no shower! But we'll see!

I am SO thankful that a tree didn't fall on our house. Some of our neighbors weren't so lucky. I have been thinking "GEEZE! I NEED ELECTRICITY! I NEED A SHOWER! BLAH BLAH BLAH!" And then I think about those people from Galveston who don't even have a house to go home to. Compared to that, no power seems so minor.

I'm praying for them.......please say a prayer for them and everyone else who has been hit by this storm.


Lacy said...

So glad your safe Jennifer. We got power yesterday. Hope you have it back very soon. We are so forunate compared to is heartbreaking. We go back to school Monday.

Hillary said...

Do you have power yet? So glad to hear you didn't have any damage to your house. My cousins live in Willis and the last I heard, they still didn't have power either. Miss you tons! We need to all meet up for dinner one night or maybe a trip to Canton? Love ya.

Chris and Michelle said...

Hey! I doubt I bring Chloe with me. Her dad needs some time of his own with if I brought her my pumpkin would not look like Teresa's at all!!! That would be great if we could ride together!!! We'll talk some time next week!!!

~Wilkerson Family~ said...

I think the festival is from 10 to 5 but you might just need a sneak peek so you don't miss it. Also, I am going to try to be at the holiday market at the country club in November, gotta check on that though still.

Oh and by the way I just ordered in the last two days, so really neat new cool beads-I can't wait to get them in. I think you will looooove them! I am so excited-lots of great new colors and stuff!

Chris and Michelle said...

Hey. I would call you but I can't find your number. I'm not going to be able to go this weekend to Teresa's. Last minute plans to go see my grandma who still hasn't seen Chloe. Bummer. I know y'all are going to have fun and I was looking forward to seeing everyone but we really need to see my grandma. sorry.

teresa said...

Yes, I will do you a chalkboard!