Sunday, September 7, 2008

I've been tagged!

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Here we go!

1. Even though the wedding is over and done with I am STILL reading wedding magazines. I love reading The Knot because they have real stories of how people met, the proposal and everything....I love it!

2. I am super OCD only when it comes to folding towels. If they have a stripe(ours do)- then all the stripes have to match up. And the washclothes all have be folded and stacked the EXACT same way. Ty thinks I am crazy!

3. I am so addicted to John and Kate plus 8! I haven't had time to watch so I've been recording it. She is a great mother :o) and her kiddos are precious!

4. I always wear my seatbelt....always, always. Unless I am the passenger! I am horrible about remembering to put it on unless I'm driving I guess. I am working on that!

5. I love to buy and collect scrapbook stuff- stickers, paper, name it-I have it. However, I hate to use it. I mean, I love scrapbooking but I feel like I am going to run out if I use it. Weird, I know!

6. I can't keep ANY plant alive. Not even a cactus! I water and water...they die. So I don't water for a while....and they still die. I even put miracle grow on some of my green plants and they DIED!

7. I have become super obsessive over what I eat. I haven't had a Dr Pepper in over a month(and I used to drink 4-5 a day!!!) I am drinking lots of water and trying to eat very healthy.......................................because I'M PREGNANT! :o)

**I go to the doctor September 23rd so stay tuned!!!! We are sooooo excited!

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Chris and Michelle said...

Congrats! That's soooooooooo exciting! I hope your school year is going good!

Lacy said...

I am so excited for you and so happy for the post!!! I just posted a tag post so hop on over and see it!!!! I saw you had been tagged so I didnt tag you! Hope to see you really soon and hope school is going well.

Hillary said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so happy for you Jennifer. Can't wait to hear about it. Love ya!

teresa said...

OMGoodness! I am super excited for you! Hope you are feeling okay. I am excited that you are coming to the paint party! Yep, just bring brushes and a snack! Can't wait to see ya!

~Wilkerson Family~ said...

How exciting!!! If it is a girl we will fix her all up! We aren't sure about a party but I am going to try to do the show at the country club this year and you for sure can check out any of my stuff anytime. When I get a bunch done, I can bring it over to you and you can show it to your friends or something. Hope you are feeling good!!!