Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We're Back!!!

No, No....we didn't just get back! We have been home since Friday, the 8th. However, I went to work that next Monday and since then have been crazy busy with work and being a newlywed! So........No wedding pics yet but they are online at www.timjharrisphotography.com if you would like to see. It will probably take another year before I post pics of the wedding......since it's taken forever just to do the honeymoon :0) It will take a while to post everything (maybe a few days) from Vegas. There was just so much to see and want to share them all! So stay tuned....
About to board the big ol' plane!! I was super excited since I've never flown before. And it wasn't bad at all- well.....it was a little clustered and I have some space issues but other than that it was great!
Us..........somewhere in Vegas. I love him!
This was my sister's luggage and Ty was such a good sport about carrying the girly zebra print! Amanda needs to get this set- I think it was made for her :o)

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~Wilkerson Family~ said...

The pictures are so good, they made me a little teary eyed!!!g