Sunday, June 27, 2010

Miracles DO happen

I have been following this blog for a while. I found it through a teacher friend of mine from Madisonville. The family is going through a VERY tough time so please take a minute to say a prayer for their daughter, Katie, who has stage 4 Neuroblastoma. At this point, the family is praying for a miracle.
Go here to find out more.

Friday, June 25, 2010


I am sooooo excited about this post! I was .....drum roll please.........featured on!!!! The hard work of putting the party together with just the right colors/theme paid off. :) I ordered Carter's polka dot birthday balloons from her and sent her some pics after the party. Yay! How exciting!! She has some really cute stuff on her site for polka dot parties. Her site also features parties so you can get oodles of ideas just by browsing her site.
Check her out!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Appliqued Onesies/Shirts

Here is what I've been up to lately.....

I made this tie shirt for Carter to wear for Father's day. He looked so cute in it!!

Up close pic of tie. I used heat n bond lite and then sewed a straight stitch
around the edge. Simple as that!

Up close of heart. These are too cute for girly girls!

I love the cross onesies and shirts. All I need is some zebra print fabric!

The tie onesies would be super cute on a little one...dont't ya think?? :)

Fresh Poppy Design Click the button to find the tie template I used. Once there, click tutorials and it's the second or third one.

hApPy CrAfTiNg!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My monkey and sewing!

My silly monkey! This is the face he makes when he is trying to get something that I wont let him have. lol!
He used to smile at EVERYONE when we went to the store, mall, etc. Now if someone looks at him and says "Oh how cute" Carter makes this face. It makes me laugh every time!!

I made this Camo/minky dot lovey. Some people call them taggies. This was my third one to make. Not as hard as it looks, just time consuming. Carter has one that I bought at fair on the square--probably paid wayyyy too much--but he LOVES it! He snuggles it every night. :)

I love these prints for girls! I just bought black/white damask print to go along with this set. Super cute!!

Prints for boys are hard to find. Almost everything has a little pink on it somewhere. These cowboy print burp cloths should work for any lil' cowpoke!

I like these prints a lot too. The argyle(probably didn't spell that right-but I'm in a hurry)print is cute for a boy. Ty says it's kinda girly....but what does he know. lol!

I think these make great baby shower gifts. If you are going to have spit up all over you, you may as well do in style! Let me know if you would like me to make you a set.
My prices are as follows:
1 for &7
2 for $12
3 for $15
4 for $18

I've seen these around town in little boutiques that go for $15-25 for a set of TWO! That's way too high if you ask me. :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our little MoNkEy is ONE!!

Our baby boy turned one!!! We really cannot believe how fast he is growing! It is such a bittersweet time. We had a big blowout for his 1st birthday know how it goes. We went all out. :) We had a monkey theme with blue/brown/green and lots of polka dots. I absolutely loved it!!

Monkey invite from Dimpleprints on Etsy....I loved it!

Mommy,Birthday Boy and Daddy

He is not going to be a sweets eater...he didn't really care for the cake.

After we finished singing Happy Birthday, Carter started clapping. So cute!

Momma's baby....or toddler. :(

I made the "It's a party" sign just incase they went to the wrong!
I was going to hang the "I am One" banner around his high chair but it was too long.

I covered some formula cans to weight the balloons down in-then I stuffed some tulle inside. Of course, it had to have a tulle ribbon! I am in love with tulle now!!

We did bubbles as favors...they were about 50 cents apeice. Once I wrapped them with tulle and made a "thanks" tag, they were good to go!

This was the favor table. Why do people forget to take favors with them?? I had a bunch left over.

I love the Happy Birthday banner. It took me a while-it was the first I've ever made. I see why people on etsy charge $40 for them.

My neighbor had a book with these cupcakes in them. I loved them and thought they would be easy to make....WRONG! Took me forever! They turned out cute though...thank goodness! I used raisins for the eyes, chocolate disks for ears and piped the mouth/nose on. YUM!

I got carter's smash cake from Cakes by Claire...she did Great!! It matched perfectly!

My friend Kimber made these DELICIOUS cookies. How cute are they?!! She is so talented!! Thanks!

I got this cookie jar thing from wal mart, wrapped in ribbon, made a sign and VOILA! MoNkEy punch!

The cake table.

I really thought everything turned out just perfect. It was just the way I've been dreaming it would be! Is that silly? Maybe it's a mom thing. Carter had such a great time playing with all the kiddos. Usually it's just the two of us, so it was nice to have a house full of people for a change.
Thanks to everyone who came!! We had a blast!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

11 months old...Really?!!

Wow! I can't believe Carter is so close to ONE YEAR! It is crazy really! Like clockwork-right at eleven months he started pulling up on things. Yikes!
He has been working on it for about two weeks. He would crawl over to the coffee table and get up on his knees but couldn't stand up. Well now that he figured out how, he is pulling up on EVERYTHING. It's a little scary.

So....this is what happened. I was cooking supper and carter was playing with the dishwasher...SITTING on the floor. He was banging and splashing in the little bit of water that was in the lid. He started to get very quiet so I turned around and this is what I saw!!!! He was ON TOP of the dishwasher lid!! How did he manage that?? Not sure but it almost gave me a heart attack! (The next day is when he started pulling up.)

Carter acting silly in the always! This boy will smile at anyone-at anytime! I just love it!!

My little 11 month old! He is so handsome :)

Usually I don't let the dogs lick all over his face but this was too cute...and bathtime was right around the corner. He just giggled and giggled every time Clyde would lick him. So cute!!

~~I am grateful for:
-11 of the BEST months!
-being a mommy
-Carter's sweet smile
-baby giggles

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bluebonnets are here!

On Saturday went to my parents in Jewett for the day. My dad bar-b-qued and we sat around and laughed-mostly at Carter. He is so silly. He makes the cutest faces and noises. Ty and Chris(my sister's fiance) went fishing and caught a bunch! We brought home 3 bags of bass. Good thing Chris and Ashley don't eat fish.
There is always a HUGE field of bluebonnets down the road from my parents house. My mom, sister and I decided to take Carter and get a few pics while the guys were fishing....we actually took a TON! He was too precious and SO curious! It was really sunny and really hot but we made some good memories!
Hope your Easter was GREAT!!

My mom took this one of me, my sis, Carter and my dad. We couldn't stop giggling! My dad was like "Come on girls!" He is not a picture taker at all.

Carter and Gran

I love this one. We kept making him clap in hopes he would look at the camera. It really wasn't working.

As you can see, the sun was in his eyes. He was such a trooper though.

I found this dishpan thing on my mom's porch and thought it would be cute in the pictures. I think it turned out cute!!

He is the sweetest thing!!!

As soon as we sat Carter down in the flowers he started picking at them. He was very curious. I wonder what he was thinking? :)


Things I am grateful for:
-wildfowers and bluebonnets
-living in Texas
-laughing with my sister until it hurts
-sweet sweet Carter Jay :)